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A gratitude beads strand is delivered with an informational booklet in a gift box. There is also a plastic box, which can be repurposed as a “gratefulness piggy bank”. You can save your happy memories in it, such as a movie ticket, a feather or a sugar sachet.

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The strands of gratitude beads also carry our logo. More information about the logo can be found in the booklet delivered with the strand. The booklet is also available in English.

In addition to the strands of gratitude beads for adults, consisting of 16 beads, there are also strands for kids. These consist of a decorative bead and 7 regular beads. For teenagers there are strands made of 16 beads. These strands are also delivered in a gift box that you can turn into a “gratefulness piggy bank”. An informational and activity book about gratitude is also provided. All gratefulness strands are available for purchase in our webstore

Why 16 beads?
A strand of gratitude beads is made up of 16 beads. In ancient buildings and in holy locations you often find the ratio 10:16. This ratio stems from holy geometry and evokes beauty in our sense of perception.

It brings us in contact with the source of wisdom and gives us a healing energy. In many holy places you will find the same energy, for example in the cathedral of Chartres and the pyramids of Gizeh. The same healing energy is created if you place 16 approximately equal shapes next to each other, such as in the gratitude bead strands.

This energy helps you stay balanced. Also the word ‘gratefulness’ adds to this energy.

With thanks to: Johan van Vulpen,

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