who does what

Dankbaar.org consists of several volunteers. In addition, there are many people who have helped dankbaar.org. The core group of volunteers is listed below.

                     Lisette Doesburg – initiator


“Meanwhile I have a strand in every pocket. And only by feeling a strand in my jacket does my attention shift from being busy in my head to gratefulness, which makes a noticeable difference in my body.

It is very inspiring to work together to generate attention for gratefulness. It keeps amazing me that with simplicity so many things are set in motion.”


Adriënne Baars –treasurersite

Dankbaar.org, Adriënne Baars   “I first came in contact with gratefulness strands via Educare, and it is still fun and interesting to be involved with the project. I am the treasurer for Dankbaar.org Foundation and I also run the online store. Furthermore, I run my own company Triangel Solutions.


                    Alexandra Tsilavis– secretary

Alexandra site“That people that are grieving let us know that they benefit from using a gratefulness strand, makes my effort more than worth it. It’s great that people are able to find moments that they are grateful for, especially when they are grieving.” Alexandra also volunteers for stichting jonge helden (foundation young heroes).

                    Ingeborg Janssen – production

“A couple of years ago I bought a gratitude strand, I liked that every time that I saw or felt the strand I felt as if something happened, even if it just brought me into the moment. Once in a while I smiled because I let something fluster me but then the strands helped me put things in perspective. Now, several years later I work to produce the strands.  I usually carry a small strand in my pocket and in my house I also have one lying on the table. Every time that I walk by I am able to focus my attention once more on the present. I like the strands very much. It is evident that much thought and attention go into the project.


Isha volunteers are joining in the process of a handful of trees to support Rally  for Rivers