Gratitudebeads: a gift from heart to heart


A gift that helps you pay attention to all of the good things in your life. Every bead represents something that you are grateful for. Gratitudebeads are a tool for building awareness of gratitude in your life, also in difficult times!

We all work as volunteers for this foundation. When you purchase a strand you support good causes. When you experience difficulties in buying a strand plase contact us.
We are located in The Netherlands and can be reached by email: or by calling:0031-618974351

At we are in a transition to a more clear policy. We like our customers to know exactly what is being done with the proceeds.


 Rally for Rivers is a campaign that brings an unprecedented amount of people in India in motion to turn the tide of destruction of the rivers, by planting trees.

We’d like to support Rally for Rivers   with a handful of trees.
A handful of trees is a donation of 7,90 this includes:
– 5 trees for Rally for Rivers
– a cellphone plug for yourself or your friends
– worldwide shipping.
Let’s grow an endless gratitude  forest for Mother Earth together!


We have contact with Isha.
In Isha we find an organisation that has a clear vision at the most fundamental problems young people of this time are facing.
They offer a life changing method developed by Sadhguru.
We like to be personally and financially involved setting up youth programs
The goal of this programs is alway wellbeing and the focus is young people can say wholehearted it is super to be Human!  We are currently investigating what is needed to make this happen.



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Eckhart Tolle about gratitude in the teaching: The Enjoyment of Being

“You know there  is a lot of talk (and this is wonderful) these days in spiritual teachings about gratitude. And usually people think gratitude means, that you have to say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Or they have to say “I’m so grateful for this. And I’m also grateful for that and grateful for that.” That is fine to do, for the reorientation of your mind. It’s fine, it’s a temporary  stage. I wouldn’t get stuck there for you don’t want to say for the next 20 years thank you, thank you. You don’t need it. There is a deeper gratitude. That is to acknowledge the beingness  and appreciate the beingness without needing any words. And that is how you can live in continuous gratitude without calling it gratitude anymore.”