Gratitudebeads: a gift from heart to heart


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A gift that helps you pay attention to all of the good things in your life. Every bead represents something that you are grateful for. Gratitudebeads are a tool for building awareness of gratitude in your life, also in difficult times!

We all work as volunteers for this foundation. When you purchase a strand you support good causes. When experience difficulties buying a strand please contact us.
We are located in The Netherlands and can be reached by email: or by calling:0031-618974351448789365220918

Our foundation aspires human transformation

As you may have noticed the online store is under construction at the moment! Fortunately you still found us!

Thanks to all our customers (including many readers of the Happinez in the Netherlands and France) we’ve created a fund.
We are truly grateful to have found a match between our mission and the funds resources. We searched for a long time, and found something we long for ourselves. We’re very happy to financially and physically invest in future generations! Inner Engineering
is a life changing program, it has offered us more than we could ever dream of.
In the Netherlands we’re willing to support students financially, so they can follow the Inner Engineering program.
Look if there is a program close to you.
Students can apply to receive a refund.
Mail to for more information.


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